Here is ʻʻVERDENĖ“.
Here is YOUR way, YOUR move, YOUR thought and words.
Hereʼs YOUR behaviour and YOUR eyes look,
YOUR secret dreams , YOUR hopes and anxiety...

About gymnasium

21, Taikos st.
 LT-31107 Visaginas
 Tel.: 8 386 72758, 8 386 75393; 
 Tel./fax. 8 386 72969      
 Code 190243519 


    Visaginas „Verdenė“ gymnasium, the school of general education, is municipal budgetary institution. Institution code is 190243519.

    General education programs implemented in gymnasium: secondary, basic, basic individualized, adapted basic, primary, primary individualized, adapted primary education programs.

    The address of gymnasium is Taikos pr. 21, 31107 Visaginas. Visaginas municipality is the founder of gymnasium, its identification code is 111107944.

    Teaching languages: studets of 1 – 12 general education classes and 1 – 10 special developmental classes and the students of I – III manual training age are taught in Lithuanian (native); students of 1 – 10 special develomental classes and students of I – III manual training age are taught in Russian (native).

    Teaching forms: full-time, self-learning, teaching at home.

Gymnasium Vision, Mission and Philosoph




    Safe, advanced, open to inovation, valuing pational traditions and leading school in Visaginas, which creativly aplies the latest tchnologies that let successfuly teach (learn), plan career, deliberately seek it and so contribute to the prosperity of the city and the country. I am learning here in order to create the future.




    Provide primary, basic, secondary andd special education and non-formal education corresonding to the abilities and needs of each student ready to train all the time and act responsibly in a changing community.




Communion – we are one community achieving the same objectives.

Respect – we resect each other and we are looking for mutual understanding.

Competence – we develo ourselves responsibly carrying out our work.

Creativity – we accept inovation, encourage initiatives, appreciate each deposit.

Self-expression – we foster and create the distinctive culture of Lithuanian gymnasium.